Member Benefits

Your membership at Beyond Cowork comes with so many benefits, and there are even more! Take a look at some of the perks of being a member below.

Secure 24/7 access

Enjoy the freedom to work on your own schedule 24h a day, 7 days a week! You will get a personalized access trough an app and/or code to enter your office any time you want.  

COVID-19 Compliant Measures

We are making sure you can work in a safe environment by applying strict safety measures to our space and ensuring all the community members apply the rules. 

Podcast/Video Studio

Need to record a video, a podcast or you want to make your next online meeting a great experience for you and your attendees? Members have exclusive access to a professional equipment to record or live stream.


Reprographics included in your membership! We just ask that you be respectful of the Earth and this benefit.

Free Coffee

Member's have access to free coffee all day long!

Super Fast Internet

Work without slowdowns and have confidence in your conference calls.  We have a gigabit fiberoptic line powering our internet.  

Note: Not all benefits are available to all memberships, and all benefits are subject to availability.