Legal Agreement: Terms of Service

Thank you for joining our community!

Beyond CoWork is a membership driven community that provides you with a great place to work and much more. You get the flexibility and value you need in an up-scale, fun and professional setting.

Consideration is key! We want you to achieve your greatest potential and feel at home while doing it! In order to make our community flourish for everyone please read the below rules and regulations.

Terms and Conditions

All of our memberships are billed on a month-to-month basis for the various plans we have. 


Please keep noise to a suitable minimum. Have a favorite song or artist you want to listen to? Great! Simply add it to the list on Festify. Please keep in mind that offensive, derogatory or vulgar music should not be played in the shared space. If working on something that may make a lot of noise please feel free to use one of the enclosed areas (Executive Conferencing Area including the Vault & Breakout Rooms) (when available and not booked) or communicate the details and timeline of what you are working on to other community members for their consideration.

Community Area Cleanliness

Please clean up after yourself! Return all dishes at the end of your stay to the dishwasher. Use the microwave and have some deliciousness spill out? Wipe it up. Making coffee to help you get through the midday slump? Discard coffee grounds and rinse the pot. When storing food in the refrigerator please make sure to wipe the area under and around your storage container after spills. Please take note of and adhere to the general space rules posted throughout the Fourth Sector location.


When hosting a small professional meet up with a guest that does not require use of one of executive conferencing areas, please be advised that your guest must check in and adhere to all the terms and conditions of this agreement and any violation of it will be your responsibility.

Community Items

If you are the last to utilize a community item (staplers, scotch tape, dry erase makers, etc.) please return it to its place of origin. If an item is out of stock or empty please inform a Fourth Sector staff member as soon as possible.


Renting Rooms

Conference rooms are available for Coworking members to rent and reserve on a first come, first served basis and are subject to availability. Please be advised that based on your membership level you have complimentary access to these resources each month. Utilizing the collaborative and conferencing spaces after your membership level access has expired you will be subject to availability.